Michael’s Recovery from Stage 5 Kidney Failure – 2021 UPDATE!

Michael's Recovery from Stage 5 Kidney Failure 2021 UPDATE!

On January 2018, Dr. Michael McGinnis suffered a massive heart attack and was rushed to hospital. A series of medical mishaps and complications would ensue, leaving him with Stage 5 Kidney Failure. From then on, he was too weak to maintain his once healthy and active lifestyle, and had no choice but to undergo dialysis 3 times a week to sustain his damaged body.

When they were told by physicians that he was going to have to live this way for the rest of his life, Dr. Michael and his wife, Dr. Jurina refused to give up. They sought alternative treatment – with excellent results!

Today, Dr. Michael no longer requires dialysis, and he can continue doing most of the activities he once enjoyed prior to his heart attack.

Watch the video to see how much has changed since his last interview!

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