Placenta Max Softgels

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The World’s Most Advanced Anti-Aging Oral Placenta* with Highly Polymerized Marine Cellular Extracts Supplement


Placenta Max Softgels

Placenta Max Softgels is a daily nutritional supplement available in two variants: premium sheep placenta* for wellness and rejuvenation. SR has created Placenta Max Softgels with ingredients that are rich in growth factors, dermal bio-activators, amino acids, vitamins and minerals obtained from ovine placenta* for your general health.

Produced using ‘Cold Extraction’ ‘Cold Pro’ Proteolytic Enzyme technology’ and encased in a double enteric coating system, the softgels can bypass the stomach and dissolve in the small intestine where the active ingredients are fully absorbed by the body, promising unrivalled health benefits at cellular level. SR Softgels is truly the pioneer of high performing natural food supplement.

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