HGF Spray

Hair Growth Factor Spray

A revitalizing spray-on scalp treatment to reduce hair loss

A simple yet powerful solution to beating hair loss and promoting hair growth, the Swiss Revitalisation Hair Growth Factor (HGF) Spray is a no-frills hair scalp serum formulated with 100% natural ingredients.

✔ 100% Natural

✔ ZERO Chemicals

✔ ZERO Preservatives

✔ Non-Pathologic

Package : 3 x 10ml bottles

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How HGF Spray Works

Formulated with a proprietary blend of nourishing nutrients and hair growth peptides, the HGF Spray works to protect against hair loss that is caused by unhealthy scalp conditions, nutrition deficiency and stress.

These factors are known to impact the cycle of hair growth and prevent essential nutrients from nourishing the hair follicles. Besides that, the HGF Spray is also designed as a lightweight and non-greasy serum for easy application.

Hair Loss Scheme

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Active Ingredients and The Effects of HGF Spray on Hair Anatomy

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✔ The hair shaft is strengthened to reduce and prevent hair loss.

✔ Oil secretion by the sebaceous gland is recuperated.

✔ The anagen (active growing) phase of the hair follicle is prolonged.

✔ The scalp is healthier and dandruff is relieved whilst providing a healthy environment for the hair follicles.

✔ Cell growth at the dermal papilla is stimulated.

Benefits of the Active Ingredients in the HGF Spray

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Stimulates the regeneration of hair follicle tissues.

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Nourishes the hair scalp and hair follicles with essential nutrients.

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Protects the cell integrity in the skin and the hair follicles.

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Stimulates healthy and new hair growth.

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Promotes the repairing of tissue, healthy cell growth, collagen production and hyaluronic acid production.

How to apply HGF Spray

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HGF Spray for fuller hair with healthy hair follicle

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